Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Don't judge what you don't know

I went to the gym yesterday and there were a lot of women in the changing room. Now I'm not a girl who wanders round with nothing on - I've always got my towel and I change in a dedicated room. It takes a lot to walk from the shower to my clothes then into a room. I do not appreciate Barbie girls making comments in hushed tones about certain red lines on my arms.


I know that they are there.
I put them there.
They are my fault.


If they want to look, fine but why or how they are there are nothing to do with anyone else unless I choose to tell them.
Have they been in my head? No. Are there any flaws on their airbrushed arms? No.

So they can fuck off with their giggling remarks.


Niki said...

Sorry. I'm calm.

Abs said...

S'all right, treacle.
I was just thinking how I've been there too.
I'm self-conscious enough at the best of times and ignorant people certainly do not help...
Wish I could think of something better to say, but this morning I am so tired my brain is just not in gear.
The truth is - and it may be a long time coming - but sooner or later they will hit a bad patch; life will get too much; their dreams will be shattered - and suddenly they will meet their own personal demons.
And whether that comes in the form of depression or divorce, or betrayal, or something else, they will start to get it.
They will remember that moment and then they will feel bad - it's inevitable.
So don't feel too bad.
They've just had a charmed life thus far.
And when that changes it is really going to blow their entire belief system out of the water and they will regret their actions in the changing room. *hugs*
(That's not meant to sound vindictive; I've just seen it happen so many times, treacle!)

Rainbow dreams said...

I go to the gym too - you're right with what they can do with their giggling remarks - we all have scars whether visible or not, of traumas, of life. They heal but they leave their mark, and noone is immune, noone at all - insecurity or immaturity are the main culprits of comments - but life has a way of catching up with everyone - they may not be barbie girls for ever and they may well widen their view when they spread their wings!

Nodders said...

Girls can be such bitches :(

Niki said...

*Abs* Thanks for writing so much to me. You're right - I know you're right. It's just tough. As you know.

*Rainbow Dreams* Welcome to my little world and thank you for commenting - it's nice to know I'm not the only one!

*Gordon* Not all of us :P

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

Bruce springsteen once sang, 'the scars we carry remain but the pain slips away it seems' - sometimes though that journey can be a long and lonely one

we are all as my friend pip says beautiful imperfection, ALL of us

Stagestruckgal said...

dont worry niki, everyone has scars to bear, some are emotional, others are physical, others are both. i have both to bear. dont worry and ignorant people never help.

Lolly said...

Ah dear - the sad thing about life is that there is always going to be people like that.

Which sucks. :(

But everyone has something they have to hide from others - but we need not let their looks determine out feelings.
They want to stare and giggle - let them. You don't know them and if they are going to be like that, you won't want to get to know them.

So ignore them and take pride in the fact that you would not do something like that hence you are a much better person. :)

Niki said...

*Paul* Thanks for dropping by. You are my wisdom.

*Laura* You're right, as usual!

*Lou* Sparkle you are a great person. Don't let anyone tell you different.