Wednesday, April 13, 2005


My personal revenge to you will be your children's
right to schooling and to flowers.
My personal revenge will be this song
bursting for you with n more fears.
My personal revenge will be to make you see
the goodness in my people's eyes,
implacable in combat always
generous and firm in victory.
My personal revenge will be to greet you
'Good morning!' in the streets with no beggars,
when instead of locking you inside
they say, 'Don't look so sad,'
When you, the torturer,
daren't life your head.
My personal revenge will be to give you
these hands you once ill-treated
with all their tenderness intact.

just a poem i did in english today, i liked it

keep living x x x


Zed0 said...

you wrote that? wow, I'm not really the litterary marvel kind of person but I thought that was great =D

"Don't worry. Be happy."

Stay Alive

Nodders said...

Seriously Niki, that rocks so much. I swear to you, you have a natural talent for poetry, and that one especially, the idea behind it is great!

Niki said...

shitty shit, sorry wrong phrasing. i studied the poem, it was by a nicaguraguan(?) poet called luis enrique something. i'll post some of my poetry and you'll see a stark difference. it does rock though doesnt it? keep living x x x

Nodders said...

Well, I still refuse to detract my previous opinion.

Niki said...

helo, thank you. keep living x x x

Niki said...
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Stagestruckgal said...

Good poem though! You studying the anthology? i liked the one by john agard. that also rocked. bye bye xx