Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Long time no speak!!!

Wow its wierd writing a new post. Firstly my internet broke so i couldnt get online! Therefore my computer forgot all my passwords, including the sign in to this blog. So i applied to get it sent to me, then hotmail broke so i couldnt see the email the blogger people sent!
To cut a long, and frankly rather dull, story short. i now have my own laptop and can see all my mail, everything is ok.
Anyways now we're back to school i guess we'll either speak more or less, depending on who decides to actually get down to some schoolwork, and who sits on msn hoping for scintillating conersation. Whilst i cant promise that my conversation will be scintillating, it'll most likely be silly and kinda down, it'd still be nice to speak again.
Ok well i have to go now but i promise i'll update this properly soon.

Keep living x x x

1 comment:

Zed0 said...

hello =)

I'm trying to get down to school work though that isn't really going to happen...

I'm going to be away Thursday but apart from that I'll be around I think

stay alive