Monday, April 18, 2005

My Revenge

Well I promised that I'd offer my own alternative to the afore published poem so here it is:

My Revenge

If I ever see you again you will know,
I will not glare at you
Nor will I act indifferent
I'll treat your children as I would my own
And make sure you receive the best.
I'll offer my hand and maybe my heart,
You will be my equal.
Despite the pain you caused,
And the people you destroyed,
I will watch out for you, protect you.
I know you will be unable to look me in the eye,
But I also know that in you feeling my pure love,
I will have my revenge.
Unlike you I am not greedy,
So I will be content with this.
I won't harm you though I can see the injustices,
Because you, unlike me, will never be free
Human compassion will be my revenge.

Nikita Le Sauvage

Keep Living x x x


Nodders said...

See? Genius.

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thank you x x x