Monday, April 25, 2005

Misunderstanding War

What did you see?
Did you see the truth or what you wanted to believe?
Were all those decisions your own?
Or did you just not want to be left out?
I put it to you that nothing was ever there,
You caught the bad men - well done,
Then you carried on though.
Kept losing lives when you had all you knew there was,
There was never anything else,
You just didn't want to look out of place.
That's why when you saw tear-stained faces and broken hearts,
Your own bloody hands were invisible to you,
As must have been your own mind.
Surely you watched the footage, listened to your officers,
They needn't have all died, they didn't want to stay,
So why declare war in the first place?
I know as well as you that it was unneccessary,
Don't give us this crap about fulfilling duty,
We know you didn't really understand the consequences.
The permanent question though, has never been answered,
Did you care?
If it were your children, your wife,
Would you honestly keep them there?
Fighting to their deaths, for their lives.
You say they were instrumental to the reconstruction of that place,
But why did it need reconstructing?
Because your loyal slaves made it that way,
Convinced they'd be rewarded in the end.
No person should ever have to fight for their life,
You wouldn't,
So surely that makes it wrong for you to expect others to.
If no-one volunteered, would you have forced us?
To fight your battles.
Now it is all done, who really won?

Ok it's true - I've no idea what to write so I'm just publishing various poems.

Keep Living x x x


Nodders said...

Wow, another incredible poem. I hope Keir sees this because I think this is his kind of poem, did you write this one or is it someone elses? Either way, I like it a lot. Is it a recent piece or is it about any war yet seems relevant to the Iraq war at the moment?

Niki said...

Heya thanks, yes this one is mine - written about the Iraq war. Although I doubt Keir will see it as he doesn't seem to come very often, never mind.
keep living x x x

Nodders said...

Well, I'll direct him this way. Since he stopped blogging himself, he hasn't checked anyones blog in ages. The bastard. lol ;)

Niki said...

How inconsiderate!! Only kidding Keir, love ya really. thanks
keep living x x x