Friday, September 18, 2009


So I went to my appointment, all by myself - like the good girl we all know I am.

My meds were indeed adjusted; higher dosages mean bigger smiles - that's what I always say anyway ;)

Things are still pretty good. William is working this evening as there's a concert at the leisure centre. And that's where I am right now, typing away to you all as I can hear the throbbing of the music in the hall beneath me. I would go home only that would mean being by myself - and even I'm not that good.

We are settling well in Guernsey so if there's any more Guerns out there then keep an eye out for me - hell stop me in the street if you like and we debate life or something... I'm the chubby one with long curly brown hair. Usually some sort of pink shoes - be it Converse or Vans!


Rainbow dreams said...

good to see you too Niki - and Will... hope king rat wasn't too late finishing! x

Kat Skratch said...


Where have you been?!? :) So glad you're back and writing. I've been worried about you.
Glad you're trying to get shit under control. I support your journey, and the attempt at meds.



Nikita said...

Thanks Katie. xxx

:) Hi Kat
I've been to the other side of the world and then back again... at least that's how it feels!
I was a little unwell after an OD, plus me and the boy had some housing problems. But right now it *seems* to be going okay.
What have you been up to?