Monday, May 18, 2009

Half Way There

Hey folks

It's been a bloody long day... got the flat all secured and left little notes everywhere for aunt-in-law when she comes for the animals. Hope she didn't leave it too long as Mittens was making murderous glances at Stan when I left.

Got a lift to Liverpool John Lennon from Will's nan and passed pretty quickly through there... save for a little fainting episode, but we won't go into that.

Got to Jersey on time and proceeded to spend 5 hours in Starbucks reading and subsequently listening to MP3... someone told me they didn't have Wi-Fi and I nearly imploded right there and then.

Now I'm airside and - whadda you know - on the Internet. Lying bastards, the lot of them. Have about an hour wait before I get tentatively onto a tiny yellow pencil plane to Guernsey. Can proceed right through security there and into the lounge to wait for another fated yellow pencil flight to Alderney.

Long way to get 500 or so miles innit?



Nikita said...

Actually, on reflection it's not bad. I am just impatient and stressy.

Sue me

Jess said...

ok disregarding all the other stuff (fainted? why? you ok? ...ok maybe not disregarding then) Jersey has a STARBUCKS now?! even durham doesn't have a starbucks! JEALOUS!

Nikita said...

Oh I don't know, it was mega embarassing though! The doctor said I had low blood pressure, tired... etc etc!

Yeah it's in Departures where you go to check-in! It saved me!


Jess said...

AARGH the stupid internet won't let me on my blog!! is it just my internet going mad or has something bad happened - would you be able to see if you can get on it? I wanted to moan about my housemate!! xx

swile67 said...

is there starbucks in Guernsey? i'm sure you have arrived by now...all the best!

Nikita said...

Nah no Starbucks in Guernsey or Alderney! But I can live with it as I have the SEA!!
Thank yoou xx