Thursday, May 21, 2009


Will is the only manager on shift for a little while so we are still staying in the hotel... today he woke me up to move to a new room. Wow. Room 28 is spectacular.

As I type I am sitting with a drink and a laptop, on a balcony over looking a white-sand beach and an azul sea, under a bronzing sun.

I can hear the waves... sometimes powerful and sometimes lapping. I can hear visitors eating in the restaurant below and tiny little Daihatsu vans driving around - I'm sure they're the national car of Alderney or something.

Later we will go to The Divers for a drink and then make the long*ish* walk up into town. We'll eat at Nellie Gray's and spend the evening learning more about each other. When we finish we'll walk back in the dark and clamber into a huge white bed.

Alderney is medicine for my soul, and for bipolar. Here I take my tablets in an instant and spend my time thinking about the beauty that I can see. Not the pain.

A week ago? This Nikita would've made me vomit, or very sad... today I don't care.


Jess said...

awww yay! i'm so happy for you! ...and also rather jealous, i got caught in some kind of torrential downpour this morning and i have an exam today. i really hope it keeps on being your private paradise like it seems to be! xxx

Nikita said...

Thank you Jess! Aww, well it'll all be over soon and you can spend the summer in sunny... Liverpool...
You'll have to come over here somewhen, it does wonders! xxx

Rainbow dreams said...

The divers was where I settled for a drink when I visited, a lovely place to sit and relax :)

pleased the island is having a positive effect x

Nikita said...

It's lovely isn't it Katie? Right next door to the hotel aswell!