Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I find it a little laughable... updating you all on my current mood. Since it changes so often.

But - right now - at 00:00am GMT - I am alright. Ok.

It makes me laugh because earlier on we got stopped by the Police (routine vehice stop... plus we have GSY plates) and I had a panic attack. I reached for the keys *of all things* to hurt myself and I did. I stopped breathing properly. I relished in the pain.

But, having moved on from that, I'm not doing do bad.

Uploaded snow pictures onto Facebook, and it cheered me up looking at them.

So yes. Right now... Nikita is ok.

I hope you all are too. x


Anonymous said...

get your ass up to the lakes ;), both of you... but perhaps take the train... :)

Nikita said...

Am thinking we will do Paul. Will asked me to pic somewhere... but I think he'd only go if he got to take the new car!
Perhaps I'll wait a week or two.

Anonymous said...

that's a man thing... you can drink more ale by the log fire if you don't have to drive :)

Nikita said...

:) well him being the only one allowed to drink... praps he'll entrust me with driving duties!

Gosh, can't wait to get away. Whenever it is.

Rainbow dreams said...

Lakes are good...wonderful memories for me anyhow.
ps, I never got why they are always so interested in Guernsey plates..!!
will go check out your snow pics,

Nikita said...

I know Katie! They said they planned on arresting us, until we persuaded them to check on their radio once!
It makes me a bit nervous driving really but the lack of tax and that makes them a great advantage. x