Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's been a while...

...since I rose at 7:30am.
It's beautiful isn't it? Even now the winter is approaching and it's not as light as it might be in spring. Still the crispness of it all is beautiful, and standing at the back door watching my breath dance around daintily like the smoke of a candle extinguished.
I stood for quite a while, watching the yellow new sky turn to a fresh blue above the flats. I glanced around at the lights being pulled on and imagined all the showers and baths being turned on as waited for my own lukewarm dip (that woke me up no end).

After my bath I IM'd a few people who did not share my sentiment...their replies all centered around student grumbles and groans which I took to be the alcohol probably lurking in their system. But no worry, I was like them for a little while - without the liquor - and they'll see it one day, even if just for a moment.

You want to know my most beautiful morning? It was an autumn morning in Glasgow...I woke up on the floor of a student flat surrounded by a group of friends. I looked out of the window in the kitchen and the Glaswegian orange night lamps had been replaced by a sunrise with every colour I could ever imagine. I don't think I'll ever forget it.

My recommendation of one thing to do before the end? Camp in the open, just in a sleeping bag and survival sack. You'll get soaked and probably not sleep at all but maybe you'll be lucky and spend the evening under a show of shooting stars, and wake up to a clear sky - the beauty of which drowns out the M27 bypassing the New Forest, and even diverts attention from the deer trying desperately to get into the bins next to the cabin...

And now back down to earth...wake up Will the sleeping beauty and get down to the garage to try to pry away my car from their oily clutches.


Awareness said...

There is nothing more life affirming than to stand in one's own silence and watch the glory of a sunrise.....except perhaps sleeping outdoors under the stars. Sharing a sleeping bag under the stars with a "love" is also brilliantly life affirming too. :)

I have been jotting a bunch of notes down all day in between doing my work and was intending to write something dour and heavy tonight, but your post has lifted me and made me think of the times I have slept under the stars and have stretch out on a dock by a lake and watched the Northern Lights dance..... and now I want to write something from those images. I'll try tonight after the sun goes down and sleep finds my family..... to paint you a picture ok?

thank you for putting a smile on my face. today all seemed so burdensome and tiring....now I am floating through some lovely personal memories. x

Niki said...

:) I'm glad Dana...hope you're still floating. Much love x