Monday, December 03, 2007

Force 7

I've been feeling 'iffy', as it were, for quite some time. I dismissed this as depression and nothing to take into consideration; sure Will took me into hospital and I discharged myself, but I figured a big fuss over nothing.
I've been having a lot of memories which forced into perspective a lot of my previous memories, and it now emerges that the bipolar disorder with which I have been diagnosed, has fabricated many of my memories and traumatic events.
Today I went to the neurologist (a condition of my discharged AMA) and he told me that legally I cannot drive for one year as they think I have epilepsy. I have to have more tests to see if they can confirm that my fainting is actually seizures; and thus epilepsy.





Awareness said...

oh, Niki........that just simply sucks.

is there any way your having seizures due to the meds you have been taking?? did they just start out of the blue??

i'm so sorry to read driving for a year??

ah, shit......

I'll post a pic on my blog to make you smile....

Niki said...

Hi Dana

Nah they're pretty sure that because I've been on these meds for so long my body's used to them and wouldn't do this to me... Grr

But still, tests and scans may prove them wrong!

Popping over to yours now.

Rainbow dreams said...

what a bummer Niki - hopefully they wil find out exactly what is going on.. and why.. and if they can stop them from happening...
do you drive in Hull? A year is a long time....whats the public transport like?

Niki said...

Hi Katie, thanks for dropping by.
Yeah I do drive in Hull...or at least I did! My Guernsey reg plate gets a lot of looks!
The transport is okay - if a little expensive compared to the rock!

Rainbow dreams said...

guernsey regs always get a lot of looks - I always liked it :)for a couple of reasons...!
pleased if public transport will be ok to get by on for a while...reminds me I haven't used the buses often here - stuck out in the sticks!!! but guests used to tell me it was good..