Friday, June 15, 2007


Well there we have it folks. The ripe old age of 18. I am now an adult. Ish.

I feel I should share some wisdom, but I haven't found any yet - gimme another 18 years and I'll get back to you.

As it is I'll leave you on this...

... Fall in love quickly

Smile unquestioningly

Look deeply

Live forever


mister tumnus said...

happy birthday niki. it's hard to believe you're only eighteen. another great photo of you!

Awareness said...

Best wishes...18!! happy birthday sweetie. May this year bring forth so many wonderful adventures. I think it will....

Julie said...

Hi niki

Lovely pic, made me smile - a warm smile and I've had a shit day! Thankyou for being you.

Happy belated birthday.

Julie x