Sunday, May 13, 2007

Through all the pain your eyes stayed blue

Just before you all realise; no this photo has absolutely no relevance to what I'm going to post about today. I just found it on my laptop and realised it's over a year since I last stood looking up the skirts of La Tour Eiffel in Paris. Funny how time flies when you're having fun huh? I know it's a stereotypical view of Paris - but I don't care, I even bought a 3 euro beret when I first went to the city of romance. One day I shall run away there and just spend everyday sitting in a cafe outside Notre Dame and strolling past the stalls on the Seine.

*Enough of that romantic clap-trap.*

I really don't have a reason for posting today. I have just got broadband installed and so I am now to be found most evenings at my laptop beaming my ugly mug out via a webcam to any poor person who happens to be online. Wireless is dangerous. Although I will say it's giving me something to do at 3am when I seem to be waking up at the moment.

However just now I should be doing a French Listening practice test. I love french. I just can't bring myself to spend an hour listening to some english person trying to talk about police brutality in french. I will do it before school tomorrow, I promise.

Someone give me a purpose


Awareness said...

Hey you!!

Guess what? I was surprised this weekend by my family with my own laptop! oooooweeeeeee!! It made me cry.......because what it told me more than anything was that my family support and "get" my need for writing. I was having doubts.

So.............right now, am missing some frigging part to get the thing hooked up wireless, but will soon be able to write away anywhere my heart desires!!

I love the photo of the Eiffel's been WAY more than a year since I too looked up her skirts.....(and walked up her stairs)

Don't know if I can give you a purpose today.......I left my own alone and am just putting around mindlessly. It's good.

take care.

Niki said...

Oh sweets that's fantastic! Once you get wireless your life will never be the same again...

Thanks, I surprised myself with that photo.

Have a good wander round.

Julie said...

Hey niki

Been thinking for an answer to your question all week. Purpose??!!! Will let you know when I come up with a reasonably sensible one!!!

Take care

Julie xx

Niki said...

:) Thanks Julie