Tuesday, June 06, 2006

To love or not to love?

Before you dismiss this as a stupid question - yet another from me - hear me out. The question 'Do you see emotions as a weakness?' was asked on a forum I visit and at first I had an automatic response, but then I read some others and it made me think...

People who never show their emotions - I mean are you guys just machines or what? Ok ok I know I didn't for a long time but lets not bring me into this just now. How, and why, do we hide them away?

People who always let us know exactly how they feel - It's great that you can express yourselves but sometimes you need to work through things in your own mind before asking other's opinions. So how do you so easily spurt it out?

People who claim to have no emotions, show no emotions and recognise no emotions - You're kidding right? I mean of course you have emotions! So does everyone!

Right so I know you can't just lump people into three categories but you get my gist.

I personally, as you know, believe in a soul and I believe that our deepest emotions come from our souls. However I don't believe that all types of emotions can be shared - not due to weakness but simply because it's pointless. There are some things I prefer not to share and get advice on because I think I have a fair hand in causing them - so there's no point in pouring out my heart in explanation if it's my problem/fault/whatever...

What do you reckon? How many emotions should we show? To whom? How often?

Discuss ;)


SuperInsignificantBoy said...

why did you move?

I don't believe in a soul... perhaps that is why I don't have any emotions huh?

Abs said...

If I'm honest, part of the reason why I started blogging in the first place was because I do tend to bottle my emotions up and it would give me a way to express them a little more openly in a way I felt comfortable with. I've never denied that I have emotions - I'm just particularly bad at showing them.
Do I think showing emotions is a good thing? Generally yes - but there is always a "but"...honesty is good, letting off steam is good and sharing is good - but of course there are some things people should just keep to themselves *wink*
I have been utterly bollocked several times by my ex for being honest in my blogs about my cancer, cutting and depression - but I needed to get those things off my chest; it served its purpose for me.
My blog is my diary - sometimes there are going to be things in there that not everyone is going to feel comfortable with.
But on the other hand, I do try to take other people into consideration too...if someone really objected to something then I'd take it off (and that's happened before now!)
Hmmm. So. Yes I'd say showing emotions is a good thing (I've opened up a lot since I started blogging and it's really made me think) - but you do need to consider exactly who you're off-loading to and what their reaction could be. Someone who's had a shitty day isn't going to react as well as they would if everything had been peachy - but then if we're talking online here, then the beauty of it is that people can have a think and come back when they feel they have a valid response.
Y'know I've never had a therapist or anything like that, but I think it would be great if everyone had someone they could just go and off-load on every day...who didn't judge them, just sat there and listened and then that was that...you'd just feel better for having talked about it and could then just get on with your day.
Oh - hang on - I have a cat for that...*cheesy grin* he just sits there, looks lovingly at me and purrs as I ramble on...

Niki said...

SIB I moved because I didn't like the address, I was a very different girl two years ago when this blog started so I changed it to my real name because I'm honest now.
Of course you have emotions :P

Abs I have a thing with sharing things - takes me ages to say what I mean ;) and generally people only get my real emotions if they prise them outta me.
The blog is the most honest thing I have and almost nothing is held back. Therapy is overrated in my opinion - bloody man makes me talk about everything ;)

Nodders said...

People hide their emotions in case those around them react negatively, and because emotions aren't generally well-documented in the context of your own life, you've not got much ground to judge whether your friends will take kindly to your words of woe and what have you. Those that always show their feelings - well, if you say it before you think it out yourself, then you've not got that fear from the first incident I guess. And those that have no emotion; well of course they do, but they live a system where they believe they can get on with it themselves. Society tells us that that is neither a bad nor a good thing. We all know they are just boring people though.