Saturday, April 22, 2006

Oh how times change

Nikita Elizabeth Le Sauvage - Age 8

Happiness is...

Happiness is going to my dads on Saturdays
It is sitting down with my dad watching my favourite video
Happiness is cuddling my mum
And huddling up against my dad on a Saturday night
Happiness is opening presents on my birthday
Feeling my cuddly bunny next to me in bed
Eating my favourite food on my birthday
Knowing my mum and dad love me
Happiness is going to see Erin my little friend who is two
And giving Erin a cuddle

Niki - Age 16

Happiness is...

Happiness is sleeping late on a Saturday
It is avoiding my parents for an entire week
Happiness is hanging off the side of a boat
And walking along the beach
Happiness is the company of friends
Feeling someone's arms around me
Eating ice cream
Knowing that I'm never alone
Happiness is the thought of escape
And never coming back

Nothing stays the same people


Nodders said...

Hmm, that sounds pretty interesting :) Did you really write that when you were eight or was it a reflection on whe you were eight? I feel really compelled to do something similar, to seach out my old Primary School work, and see how much I've changed. You might see a post copying you - I really love your poems Niki, they are very inspiring.


Niki said...

No I really did write that when I was eight - my writing was sooo much neater!
Thank you

Stagestruckgal said...

I agree. My stories as a child were completely awful!! Well, theyre not much better now! But still.I remember loving some things from when i was a child, things i would never dream of doing now! and vice-versa.

Things change loads, you're right on that count, Niki!

Nodders said...

When I was young, I wanted to be a cartoonist or an animater (or a volcano designer) and now I'm a film Studies student. Fuck, talk about narrow mindedness.

Zed0 said...

Who didn't want to be a volcano designer?