Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Niki, pass me that hash

Oh dear, oh dear. Niki's in the mood to write, but she's not sure what yet.
Ok I'll stop with the third person stuff now.

Well, just got in from Young Enterprise which I have decided is total slave-labour. I just spent two whole hours at a binding machine, and what am I being paid? 1p an hour. Yes, you read that right. Stil as I've said, I did sign up for it and I did have the details before I signed so I guess I've no right to complain.

I missed the bus to sailing today, yes I did cry. I SPECIFICALLY asked Matt to wait for me on the bus down there since I couldn't get any other transport. But did he? No he did not. So I couldn't go, simple as. It would have been perfect too, in fact it was because the little bastard called me from onboard a lovely J24 to make sure I knew what I was missing. Just cos he was scared of losing the boys v girls rematch. I'll keep telling myself that anyway...

Ummmm. I should tell you that I'm writing this online for once so I'm trying to do it real quick so I can do some work. Usually I write the posts somewhere else and just paste them in, but right now. I'm seizing the moment.

Shit. I forgot what this paragraph was going to be about. Damnit. Oh yeah, I remember. An example of the lack of tact that many men seem to be afflicted with. I went to Quayside today (marine gear store thing) to buy some dinghy salopettes, because I need some. They had none so I went to the desk to order some. I said I wasn't sure whether to go size 12 or 14, I decided on a 14 so I had plenty of room. The guy said? 'you'll have to go jogging and drop a size' ?!?!?!
Ok so I know I can be irrationally sensitive, but please. The guy was huge, and I know I'm too big but jeez.

I've done no Christmas shopping at all, in fact that is the area in which my life is most disorganised right now, and I don't like it one bit. I just don't know what to get everyone!

Oh yeah, Skype. I don't know who has it but I now do, although I've yet to locate my mic so it's not fully working yet. Still I'm ondas4 incase anyone does have it.

Ok I'm done, I'll write something else later.


PS Ok Ben, hope everything's going well and I'm sure I'll talk to you soon.
PPS Davey I don't know if you ever heard me apologise for Friday night, I was playing with the Remote Assistance tool on msn and I couldn't type a message, then you were gone. So if you haven't then I'm sorry, and my skype is above.
PPPS Uh, I don't have anything more to say today.


Nodders said...

Hell yeah, I have skype

just search for shoooogle

that's 4 o's by the way =)

Stagestruckgal said...

wow, so do i. what a small world...

Davus said...

the way girls clothes are organised is ridiculous. i mean when i go buy a pair of trouseres i know exactly what i'm looking for, waist 30 length 32. but for girls they don't have it split like that, they just have stupid 10 or 12 or 14 or whatever. sillyness personified if you ask me. and don't get me started on bras, i mean how stoned was the person who invented the system. you can get triple As, double As, Double Ds, but everything else you just get them as single? what? where's the logic in that?

um, yeah. that turned out a little more ranty than it was intended.

Niki said...

You have an excellent point davey. And the sizes are all different in different shops, don't even start on the shops that use european or american sizes. The only certain thing when I go shopping is the leg length, the rest I have to find out. And it's bound to be different in every shop. But now someone tells me that Musto, that's the dinghy thingies I ordered are large sizes so I'll need two sizes smaller than usual. Damnit.