Friday, December 02, 2005

Catch Up

Right sorry for not being around for a considerable amount of time, could give you my list of excuses like being ill and busy etc, but they’re just that. Excuses. Totally superfluous I guess, and really a way to pass the time. Which I realise I’ve effectively just done anyway by saying I’m not going to.

I am indeed coming up to Scotland, and I have the booking confirmation right here with me at the back of the language lab at college, yes I should be doing Spanish. I’m coming on Friday 17th February and staying until the morning of the 24th, to Glasgow that is. I hope as many people as possible can get up at least for a day or two, that would be cool, and make up for the shambles that was London in July. Sorry about that again.

I’ve been doing quite a lot of thinking lately, about all sorts of rubbish and getting a little stressed out, not about college I might add – I think I’m pretty well settled into there. But rather about every other aspect of my life, the good news is just now I’m not feeling too bad at all, if I do say so myself. I wouldn’t go so far as happy, but definitely content.

I sunk a boat the other day, well I say sunk but it’s not on the bottom of the ocean or anything – that would have been much more fun, as Keir pointed out to me. :p
Rather we were having a race, girls against boys, learners against intermediates. I had the girls learner boat and Will the boys intermediate. Now we started off in front, got to the start line in time and everything, but then we started to lag. I wasn’t worried since our boat was just learning, but then the boys lapped us. I began to suspect something was amok. I switched a team member for a qualified instructor who informed me that he’d been watching in great amusement for the past ten minutes. The reason? “You do realise your bow is going down?” SHIT, no I hadn’t. I thought it was odd that we couldn’t gybe but I figured that the new girl I’d put on helm had us too close to the wind, but no.
Cue Niki frantically getting to a RIB, securing the boat to the RIB and towing us to the slipway. Then I had to go get the landy because the boat had taken on so much water, we couldn’t pull it up. So I towed round to the Trust and we demasted her and set her over to drain. Twenty minutes later, she is still draining owing to the sizeable gash along her port aft, aww poor ‘Louvre’. So that was an experience. I felt like such a prat, that I’d not noticed that a 14 foot boat was effectively sinking. Yes Niki, you are a total idiot.
That was Tuesday, the first day I felt well enough to sail in two weeks. Bleugh. So apart from that little escapade, I have nothing more to recount.

I’d make a more imaginative post only I’m in Spanish and keep writing down bits of German and Spanish since there are two teachers in here, two classes. And writing in English when it’s the fourth language swimming around in your brain, due to the French music I’m listening to, is not too simple.

Still, in the words of Claude McKay, ‘I shall return’

Take care of yourselves.



Stagestruckgal said...

fair enough then. i loved german. und du?

Niki said...

Nah not so keen myself.

Nodders said...

Ooh, a weekend visit to Glasgow! (Glasgow-s-miles better apparantly) that means that I could come through for the weekend too =D

Heck yes.

Hmm, I must say I had a sinking feeling while reading this post. Boom boom! Sorry, had to fit a bad gag in somewhere =D I suggest duct tape, it fixes ALL. No, I didn't mean to shut me up, I meant the sizeable gash... oh dear, I'm digging my own grave here, aren't I?

Erm, so, yes. German sucks donkeys.

Niki said...

Two bad jokes! Sinking AND the boom?! You've surpassed yourself.
I'm afraid this hole could not be fixed with Duct Tape. (yes I tried) Tragedy, I know.
Um yes
Time for me to go too

Nodders said...

Blasphemy! Duct tape fixes all!

Zed0 said...

Aye, duck tape is like the force...
It has a light side, a dark side and it holds the universe together =D

Duck tape held some of our parties canoes together pretty well, not mine though =(

Don't feel too bad, I actually sank a canoe (well it was mostly the teachers fault (be quiet Gordon)) and I mean actually smashed up the entire thing, they needed a hacksaw to get it off the rock

Hmm 17th Febuary, not sure what I'll be doing then.
Sorry for not being on MSN at all for the last ages.

Nodders said...

HA, mostly the teacher's fault eh? But it was a team contribution I thought =D