Friday, September 16, 2005


I have just got in from a long cycle ride. It was a very tough ride. I was riding for about 7 miles into a wind of 45mph so I turned around and came home, plus it felt like my hair was going to be totally blown off my head. Now I'm just sitting in my room listening to spanish radio with no homework, so I thought I'd write a little post for you. I warn you now - I have no idea what to write so brace yourself for what might come out of my mind.

College is going ok so far, there are 250 people in my year - lower 6th/year 12 - which is the biggest intake ever since we have a brand new 6th Form Centre. I've met so many people, which I did find a little bit scary but I know a whole bunch of different guys and gals now - most of whom I'd never have met without school. I've also caught up with a few people that I lost touch with at the end of Primary School 5 years ago, it was kinda wierd but also not, like we'd not lived a whole 5 years since we last spoke.

As you may know my subjects this year are:
Spanish - Mrs Hamilton + Mrs Gill
French - Mrs Gaudion + Mrs Brache
English Literature - Mr Thompson
Religious Philosophy and Ethics - Miss Thomas + Mr Montague (Monty)

They are going ok so far. For Spanish I have to go everyday to a Roman Catholic girls college, in a taxi, with the 7 other people in my class and we are taught with the girls who aren't allowed to wear trousers, in a school that still doesn't allow any students to study Chaucer. I have to say it does intimidate me a little, makes me laugh too though. Just remember: Soy un ateo/atea = I am an atheist. Then watch them scrabble for their dictionaries while they try to interpret what you're saying, then look at the shocked faces when they work it out. Awesome. Anyway sorry to any Roman Catholics out there.

Ah Bob Marley.

I feel like a repair-woman. So far this week I have set up the home PC, mended the DVD player and repressurized the Gas boiler. What a practical girl huh?! I was saying in an msn convo the other night that I'm a rubbish girl, aka a tomboy I suppose. In my defence I have a feminine side. I like teddies :-) and my room is pink and orange, and I do wear skirts occaisionally - albeit black ones - and I do have a lot of bags. I just prefer practicality like make-up free faces, trousers, flat shoes and rucksacks.

I am cold.

I also have no inspiration for good, publishable writing just now. It's a numb period as far as feelings and poetry goes. Which I tried writing about but failed. I'll go try again.

Hope you uni people are getting on ok so far and those of you working etc are enjoying it. Love you. x x x


Nodders said...

they don't teach Chaucer? By jove, and rightly so! The man couldn't spell to save himself!

And girls wearing trousers! Piffle! I've never heard anything more absurd!

Niki said...

You know I hear there's an opening in the staff at the College Gordo, they allow men to teach, you share beliefs, what do you think...

keir said...

make-up sucks, except on the manics, in which case it rocks

Davus said...

mmm, i dunno, i have to say i do look pretty fetching in mascara.

Niki said...

Keir your only exception to the no make-up thing is on guys... Please take a photo Davey with you wearing mascara, eyeliner too should you so wish, I feel it would be too good to miss. x x x

Stagestruckgal said...

right. Chaucer is funny! I liked it last year! Davey, wheres that photo??? make-up's not too bad!!