Sunday, May 29, 2005


The next installment in your bad-but-getting-better-trying-to-be-deep-not-sure-why-i'm-writing-like-this poetry lesson is below, it is entitled Company as you can see, enjoy - but try to keep smiling even if the writing is painfully bad. x x x

They're always there,
I think I'm sitting here alone,
But I'm not,
They are here, omnipresent.
Scratching, screaming,
Ripping, tearing,
Until I'm left in pieces,
Left to gather myself.
Only I can't, as soon as I try,
They are back,
Knocking me down again,
Telling me what I already know.
I'm worthless, a waste,
I always was - I'm only just realising it,
Now they'll never let me forget.
I lost my soul in a distant dream,
My heart was never really there,
All that is left is the pain inside.
The pain of another time,
A time I thought had passed,
That I had recovered from.
But no, I'm drenched in hurt once more,
I hope it's the last time,
I doubt it will be, I'm not worthy of the hope,
So the hurt will stay with me now forever.
They will see to that,
Always over my shoulder and in my head.
Sometimes they come out of my mouth,
I'm powerless to resist,
They've taken over my body and my mind,
Now it's nearly over.
I am nearly over,
Wake me up when it's all faded into the background,
Until then leave me here,
I'm not alone.

Nikita Le Sauvage 28/5/05


Davus said...

wow, i turn my back on blogging for a wee while (ok, more than a wee while) and you go and write stuff that puts me to shame, for both quality and quantity! keep up the good work, i especially liked this one.

Nodders said...

Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with Dave here, this is such a strong one, and I'll go as far as saying its the best yet! And yeah it was deep, but not pretensious, which is very good.

Niki said...

helo guys, thanks for the comments although i wouldn't say that davey. it's amazing what comes out when you're in a certain mood though, talk to you soon x x x

Sooz? said...

its good.

you should make it (or even just parts of it.. see if you can get like the bare bones out of it) into a song. i have a feeeling it would be incredible with music behind it.. especially with bits of jazz... yeah baby!

sorry. i'm rambling!