Sunday, January 23, 2005

Niki's Sunday

Well once again MSN is not cooperating so i am online, but unable to chat to you. So the obvious short-term remedy to this predicament is to write a pointless post, so here it is;

Sunday in my world is always relaxed, i have things to do but no schedule to stick to. There's homework and the gym, both of which have to be done.

This sunday was no exception, i was rudely awoken today, unusual for a sunday. At around 11am i hear a distant thumping, a thumping outside of that in my head and then a loud voice, deep inside myself i know that i should throw off my saturday-night-induced-comatose state but i am reluctant. Then my door is thrown open and standing in the doorway, a large man, who turns out to be my Dad. I hear the words "gym" and "now", i don't like them much.

Nonetheless my dad is stubborn and will not leave until i am dressed and on my way, so within 1/2 i am blinking in the bright light, wondering when Guernsey got to be so cold. In another few minutes i find myself reluctantly on the treadmill, running, because when you don't run you fall off. After only around 15minutes of this ludicrous activity i decide that enough is enough and promptly fall off, a little more awake by now. I dutifully make my way around the gym, through pounding music and past disgusting sweaty people unitl my program is done, my CD has finished and i am knackered.

A long, hot shower later i am finally awake, at 1:30pm. I walk home and collapse into a sandwich, which i then eat in front of the tv, i stay here for several hours. Various people come and go, some of which live here, some that don't, some that i know and some that i don't. I watch a movie and then Ski Sunday before i am rudely awoken once again by the abysmal sound of atomic kitten being played on my little sister's stereo and a few minutes later her tone-deaf voice singing along. This is enough for me so i sprint upstairs, close my door and turn my stereo up. Only to be yelled at that tea is ready 15minutes later, i dubiously stick my head out of my door, and am relieved to hear that the teen-tack-trash has been switched off, i eat my tea.

This done i retreat upstairs once more to fill in some summer forms and do my laborious physics assignment before texting some friends and, when i hear my sisters coming up to bed, i come down to turn this computer on. To my dismay MSN will not work so after some refreshingly abusive language i sit down to write this.

Currently my phone is ringing, my music blaring and possibly everyone in St Peter Port is yelling at me but you know what? I really don't give a shit because sunday is nearly over and tomorrow the world will climb back into their mundane little goldfish bowls, oblivious to the world around them and my music blaring when i should be at school.

Have a nice week

Keep living x x x


keir said...

hrm - yeah - msn was down yesterday evening :( - but its back up now :) - interesting post, i should probally go to a gym sometime.... yeah

Davus said...

gyms are against my religion.

Nodders said...

"when you don't run you fall off" - I liked that, made me smile.

Anyway, yeah, MSN was down for all of us, so don't worry, we missed you too.

Hmm, gyms. I've heard of those...

Niki said...

you know i might write a post about the good and bad in a gym one day, yeah not running on a treadmill is lethal
keep living x x x

Niki said...

I've nothing important to say just everyone is gone so I am drifting through the Internet void alone, not ready to re-join my life, as I shall only drift there as well. See you soon, good luck and stuff
keep living x x x

Stagestruckgal said...

well, yeah. sundays are the most hard-working day of the week. at work for 10.15 am, finish up at 4.45 pm and sit and fester for the rest of the evening in front of the tv. nice thought. anyhoo, today is a holiday i am owed so i am at home doing my boring, boring, boring chemistry open-book-paper. so there we go. ttfn

Zed0 said...

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