Monday, August 24, 2009

Through the Wringer

It's been a rough few weeks huh?

I've made up with my Mum, and then rowed again.
I've got my William back, broken up, then got back together again.
I've worked, then been signed off - and now waiting to be fired when my sick leave ends.
I've started and then changed meds.
I've camped under the stars at Abandoned 09
I've been paid, and am now broke.
I've been accepted, and then rejected for my MH Nursing degree.
I've attempted suicide, and then started laughing again.

Right now we are thinking we'll have to go back to Yorkshire. Possibly tomorrow.

*For those interested my current meds are:

Zyprexa (Olanzapine) 5mg - Atypical AntiPsychotic
Lamictal (Lamotrigine) 25mg - Mood Stabiliser - rising to 50mg on Friday
Diazepam occasionally when needed - Tranquilizer


Rainbow dreams said...

a rough few weeks, but you're still here, survived it all... many more laughs to be had, many more tears to cry, but always people around to share it with, x

you know I really am quite pleased that I was fairly oblivious to Abandoned 09... my bed was soooo comfortable, however wrong that sounds of me!! If I'd known about it I'd have been compelled to do it!

Misty said...

*hugs* I'm so glad you're back again, I hope you're going to be OK now. Hope lamotrigine works for you, it's kept me sane for the past few months! keep in touch xxx