Monday, February 23, 2009

Thank You

Will get back to creativity soon, well as soon as I can.

First I want to say a few 'thank-yous'... they won't be read by the people concerning them probably but they need to go out into the void.

To the Doctor in the purple scrubs at Southport Infirmary... thank you for being kind and for getting me that referral so soon.

To the triage nurse... thanks for not making me roll up my sleeves for my obs.

To the on-call psych in the Bickerstaffe Ward... thanks for understanding, and not making me talk... for being thorough and increasing my meds.

To the man who showed me the way from the ward to the pharmacy... thanks for talking about nothing to do with mental health.

To Will... there aren't enough words to express how much I love you, and how thankful I am.

To my warrior K... thank you for sticking with me and messaging me.

To all of you bloggers... thank you for your kind messages.

Speak soon. x


Jess said...

I hope it's all a bit better now for you xxx

(and yep, Durham is near Newcastle :p)

Rainbow dreams said...

Niki, I am so pleased you have encountered people who have been helpful and cared and shown understanding, it can make such a difference.
Keep on, people are there with you, caring and thinking, xx

Awareness said...

Hi Niki...

One day at a time right? Where are you today?

thinking of you.

new words....


Nikita said...

Wow Jess. I googled it and felt rather silly, it's practically next door!
Doing alright today... one day at a time! xxx

Thank you warrior K ;) xx

Thanks Dana, hope you're well.

much2ponder said...

Sounds like you are doing better, and I am glad you were able to come away from this experience with something positive to say. You are not alone:) looks like a lot of people care about you.