Sunday, December 28, 2008

That time....

Christmas crept up, and then went all too quickly. In Liverpool? Well the day was quiet, and pretty much perfect...just the two of us. 

It was the first year ever that it passed without blood being drawn, without violence and without bitter arguments. Was I surprised? You can bet I was...

A few times I caught myself panicking, my heart rate creeping up and tears forming behind my eyes - but I turned and saw Will and the falling stopped. 

No tears, no arguments, no pain... well fuck me this must be what Christmas is 'supposed' to be like.

And now we're stuck in this odd time between Christmas and New Year... do you get back to 'normal', do you carry on relaxing? Do you think over the year passed, or the year to come? Do you think of things to give up, or things to take up?

Will it be a New Years Resolution, or a New Years Revolution?

Let's hope it'll be better than last year... but I don't want to build up ideas of perfection or grandure... I hope 2009 will work on what I achieved last year, and instead of taking steps backwards... will move forwards. 

Of course there'll be a few bumps along the road...

... wouldn't be life otherwise, would it ;)


Anonymous said...

Sounds so good. a 'normal' christmas. I know what you mean. I had one too this year, 1st for years. So glad it went ok and stayed managable.

love to you both

Jules x

Rainbow dreams said...

Hi there, Would love to be in Liverpool for Christmas one year...daft I know!!

So pleased you had a peaceful time...we're doing not bad here too, well we've made it so far!

Life is a bumpy ride and we'll cope with whatever we have to...heres to an easier 2009 though, xx

ps, I have never liked this bit inbetween - wasted space almost... used to always choose to work it - nights meant I could wake up in the new year :)

Anonymous said...

hi there again, I was just looking over your blog and i couldn't believe you are from Guernsey i am as well. I think that you should move back its changed so much over the last year or so its so busy now. The perfect place to live

Awareness said...

"well fuck me!" hahaa! it made me laugh.

mine was pretty low key, though I did have my friend who betrayed me over a job opportunity this past fall and her family over for dinner! That went well, considering. I wanted to try to make our way back to friendship, especially since much is at stake...our kids are very close and we're eachother's kid's mothers if you know what i mean. But, things most definately have changed. Im mostly fine with that, but would love to apply for the NEXT job up for grabs that has been would be her decision and she's basically decided not to even tell me about it.

so.......a strange Christmas, but I stayed sober-ish and didn't beat the shit out of her. :)

I'm glad, glad, glad, you saw no blood......

baby steps, baby steps.

Nikita said...

Hello anonymous...nice to see you again. You sound a lot like my fiancé in fact. It's still in my thoughts, the old rock, but I still remember how bad I wanted to leave it... so coming back seems alien to me.

:) glad to make you smile Dana - sounds like you were a real trooper this year, I would have been rolling around the table with this woman, possibly tearing out her hair!

Nikita said...

Oops hello Katie. Liverpool is brilliant, we all know scousers are friendly anyway! xxx

Glad your Christmas was good Jules, love to all of you. xxx

PS I could've sworn I left a comment for you two.

Awareness said...

happy new year beautiful Niki. I have a sneaky delicious feeling that 2009 will be one to remember for many many good reasons.

love to you and will...x