Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Yesterday I received a Christmas card. Not a card from a family member I never met, or a friend I lost touch with... but a woman I have not seen since I spent the night at her B&B in May.

I went to her freezing cold and alone, fresh out of a police cell in the South of England. She welcomed me into her home and gave me her ear to listen, not asking what I had done, what the scars on my arms were or what on earth I planned to do with myself. She made me okay.

I want to say thank you to her.


Rainbow dreams said...

a friend of mine says 'God will send his angels..' I believe he does.
much love Niki, x

Charli said...

Hey there! I saw in your profile that you say "I am bipolar." I just want to challenge this way of speaking about oneself... A person is more than her disease. You HAVE bipolar. Just like someone might HAVE cancer - they ARE NOT cancer. It took me a long time to stop identifying so much with my illnesses. Anyway, it helped me to look at the illness as a disease that you have and not YOU.

Hope you're feeling well!

Niki said...

Thanks Katie - much love to you too. x

Hi Charli, thanks for dropping by - you are very welcome.
I totally understand your thinking, but on the other hand bipolar IS me... it influences my decisions and my thoughts and my emotions, just like cancer does for its sufferers. Whilst it is not ALL I am, neither is it an after thought - it takes up just a few minutes each morning and night, and a few hours a month.
So whilst I am not bipolar itself, bipolar is within me and it helps me to recognise that it is a real and serious thing.

You have certainly made me thing though... and I hope you come back soon.

Charli said...

I am glad I got you thinking, Niki.