Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday Night

I've never been one to give up on someone. No matter how much they may appear to hate me, or think what I do is wrong, I have always maintained that eventually I would win them over.
Unfortunately I have made my first exception.
My eldest sister, J, aged 15.
We haven't spoken in nearly a year, she never forgave me for leaving Guernsey with Will, she was hurt when she found out about my Dad.
Apology after apology I've given her, even gifts in my desperation.
But now I have decided to let it rest. I remember being 15 - I took no prisoners, I wouldn't take apologies from anyone.
I just didn't want to do it without writing about her. She's beautiful - taller than me already, perfect hair and teeth...a better physique and wearing make up when I've only just started. She's clever too, wants to be a lawyer and she's well on her way - you won't find her getting engaged at 18 or quitting Uni.
So here's to her, and one day being friends again


Awareness said...

I went a whole year without talking to my sister as was strange, but after things got cleared up we were in a more adult kind of friendship than before.

ps. I tried to leave a comment a couple of times on your blog and my thoughts were eaten up for some reason....tonight I can't even access Google or my email. Gremlins I say!! words may be gone, but my thoughts are with you Niki....


Niki said...

:) I spoke to my Mum today for the first time in...about a year too. So I guess that is a good sign.

Don't worry about it keeps deleting me from all memory as well. It won't even search for the right things. *sigh*

hugs x