Monday, November 03, 2008


Don't Robbie Williams in sight.

I was thinking last night, as Will and I talked about my latest episode, about the people who were always there for me before my betrothed.
They never knew, never saw the scars or the pills. But still they were there...and of course they did know, because I'm crap at hiding things.

Now there are three photos above my bed..a white camellia in the middle, Will and I at prom on the left, and on the right there are my girls. Four girls in beautiful dresses hanging above my bed. I like to think that they are watching over me, that as I lay in bed sleeping or watching a movie or just hiding from the rest of the world, they are there to help me still.

We don't talk that often, as life has thrown us all over the UK. We have new friends, in new homes with new lives. But when I look up through the tears of bipolar, or just of life, we are all there together - happy and full of hope for our lives outside of Guernsey.

Over the two years some of us have gotten engaged, one of us had a baby and three of us continue to battle with mental illness.

Here's to all of us meeting up again one day, getting dressed in our best and going out with hope in our there'll be a few extra boys, a gorgeous baby girl and hours of therapy sessions...still they'll be there to hold my hand, my purse and (hopefully not) my hair.


Rainbow dreams said...

it's true and I find it rather odd that still some of us friends are around for each other, even now.
Even odder that I am at night class with one of my friends, still causing disruption and laughter and being naughty! We have come through all kinds of life stuff... and now the things we share are still the big things that are important in our lives, we have just grown alongside each other...

Recently a friend said to me that "God will send his angels" and I believe he always has...

Niki said...

:) I miss Guernsey, Katie. I really want to come back - even as we speak I'm trying to apply to do nursing at the PEH. It felt safe there, and it fitted - you know? x

Rainbow dreams said...

Good luck with that Niki - if it feels good then go with it - you know when something feels right. K and I both did our nurse training at different London hospitals and then have ended up back here with families. Will keep my fingers crossed for you, x