Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Yet another birthday passed on Sunday. A whole four years almost of this blog, in its various forms...
The only way I can rationalise it is if I've got through nineteen years already...then the rest has to be easier...right?

Love to you all


Julie said...

Not necesarily easier - well not in my case. Maybe though you learn to roll with the punches more easily. Also you get to value the lessons life teaches you....well sometimes - after the fact. Keep bein true to yourself as you are and as Bruce says 'stay hungry and stay alive' and you'll be fine!

love Julie x

Awareness said...

Happy belated birthday Niki with the beautiful old soul....and a young hopeful heart.

What a fine combination.

Do you still have your list? Here are a few additions.....

open hearted

Rainbow dreams said...

Happy Belated Birthday Niki, it is a magical very strange journey but worth the ride...:) xx

Niki said...

Thanks Julie

Dana I still have my list...I put it in the book I use for my wedding remind me why on earth someone would want to marry me! Thank you darlin

Thanks Katie, my love to Guernsey xxx