Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blogland Publicity

Good Evening all

I've written nothing of substance for quite some time, however today I have been struck by several ideas and thoughts which I feel would be perfect to explore here. I have promised people that I will write a diary but guess what? Screw that, this is my diary - this has been my life chart for over three years and though it has had its not so good moments it has still always been the first place I turn to when I need to justify my thoughts.

On that thought: sex blogging. I am pretty sure that there are very few readers of this page who also frequent this blogging phenomenon. I have just watched a Channel 4 programme, and though it focused on sex blogging it also raised interesting points on blogging at large. Most people I know have, or have had, a blog at some point and they've had readers. It has become apparent that many published authors were found via their blogs - this staggered me as it alerted me to the fact that these blogs attract millions of hits everyday. Maybe not mine - but the ones of substance.

Oh and on the subject of sex, since women are becoming more liberal, I had never embraced it until I met Will - it was something to be feared and something that men could use as a tool against women to hurt them. It was something I just wasn't supposed to think or talk about - but now I am in a stable relationship and sex has just become something which is spontaneous and makes our relationship more fun - and cheeky ;)

The next thing I wanted to talk about was the time of year; of course it is still officially autumn but outside it feels like winter. I just walked to the village in search of fatty food and everywhere you look there are beautiful shining crystals of ice - I could see every exhalation of my breath and those who hastily walked past me wrapped up in coats and hats and scarves and gloves - you'd think they lived in the Arctic, not East Yorkshire. I just had on boots, joggers and a hoody and I took my time walking. I saw the frost, I slipped on the ice, I laughed as my breath looked like delicate smoke. In Edinburgh there is snow, in Manitoba there is snow; here there is none, neither in Hampshire, neither in Guernsey.

Today I handed in my third and final essay of the first semester, with a sense of pride - it was something I did quickly but thoughtfully, like many of my essays. I went into town for Starbucks. I went to the Doctors and I picked up my ever-increasing repeat prescription. I came home. I finished packing. I cried. I hurt myself and then I cried a little more.

This, dear readers, is not the stuff of books - this is the stuff of my life.


Rainbow dreams said...

and thats what life is about - the stuff of our lives...tears and all...
and even sex... :)
hey we had frost here this morning - white icy stuff that reflected the sun and made it all magical...
good on you for the last essay of the term...
and hugs for you, x

Niki said...

It's pretty cold and white here in Scotland - driving from Hull to Edinburgh overnight was beautiful, to see all the glistening fields and that beautiful light you get when it's freezing outside. Driving was pretty hairy though - Will scared me more than once!
Lots of hugs to you Katie xxx Say hello to Guernsey for me - not back until the 26th. x

Rainbow dreams said...

just love driving through the night.... great memories!

who knows we may even have snow by the 26th..
and if I see you I'll say hi :) xx

Awareness said...

hey sweetie.

Merry Christmas xo

ps a new word for your list?


Rainbow dreams said...

Hi it's Christmas day and popping by to say Happy Christmas, hope you have a lovely time, Katie,x