Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fuck Yes

You know what? I've been writing this and known some of you for quite some time; you know I'm a fickle bugger and one to drown in self-pity on regular occasions. I am self-obsessed and let's face it, pretty selfish all together. Tonight I have absolutely no idea how to make my life work. But you know what?

I feel fucking fantastic

It makes no sense. But then things rarely do, I've learnt to spend a little less time deciphering the good moments and just relish them - there'll be plenty of deciphering to do when the next down comes. But just now, right now; I feel amazing.

I feel like surfing, I feel like hiking out on a damn big yacht, I feel like staying out all night on the beach, I feel like travelling a million miles to see an acquaintance, I feel unstoppable. I am going to ride this wave out until the very last wash; my board may be scuffed and a little run-down, but it sure as hell still slices that water.

Don't ever give up


Julie said...

Sometimes the roller coaster has it's moments! thanks for sharing one of yours with us -from one rider to another.

Love julie x

Stagestruckgal said...

Dont ever give up Niki. Dont ever do that.

Go get em girl!! :-D


Rainbow dreams said...

Hope you're still riding that wave - am pleased you're feeling good - Katie,x

Niki said...