Monday, December 18, 2006


I remarked in the refectory on Friday that I had a strong suspicion that I was a nothing. Rachel then proceeded to poke me furiously; which made me protest - thus she concluded that a nothing could not protest.

I think she may have missed my point.

It should be noted that I have discontinued the taking of prescribed anti-depressant medication; thus those who know about that sort of thing should bear in mind that I'm all over the shop! Dr H was not impressed with my plan.

As it stands I am feeling slightly odd, and not at all good. I'm so moody. One minute I'm fantastical and the next feel like driving into a wall...

It's a mystery


Stagestruckgal said...

you're bound to be all over the shop if you've been on them for a while. having never been on them myself i dont know what else to say. emotions ricochet anyway. and youre not a nothing. you never have been and you never will be.


Nodders said...

I approve of Rachel's treatment; it's what I tend to do anyway whenever anyone's speaking silly words.