Sunday, July 02, 2006

Where the ocean meets the sky I'll be sailing

Hey beautiful people

Mind if I gabble on for a bit? Not sure what I'll come out with but it's Sunday morning and I'm in the countdown to work so I should probably do something with my time to take my mind off it...

So it's nearly the summer, only two more weeks of official school before I push year 7 and 8 into the sea - I mean teach them how to sail - for a week and then I'm free, free! I'm over to the mainland on the 26th July when I'll head straight down to Cowes and kick ass in the regatta - ohh Cowes Week without this space ;) I'm going short sleeved and fuck whatever anyone else thinks. Then after we've won on Blanco, the gorgeous Contessa 32 I'm racing on I shall head back to Southampton and dump my washing at the house before heading off somewhere else - London, Abs? Obviously I will get more clean clothes - don't worry!

Today Guernsey has brought into being the Smoking Ban - thank fuck - no smoking in public places which is ace because although I adore the smell of smoke, seriously wow, but I guess it's bad for us. Plus I wanna see how the 40-a-day father of mine copes. Also of course there'll be no smoking at work which means the non smokers get the comfy smoking room with sofas! Yay! Not that I get any damn breaks anyway, which is inhumane - 9 hours behind a desk in a pencil skirt and waistcoat listening to stuck-up bastards paying 200 quid a night for a room.

I went out with Rach yesterday before work and I wore short sleeves - I sat her down and she asked all she wanted to about it and then it was ace. No I didn't spend 100 quid... After work in the taxi queue I got puked on which was actually disgusting but it also made me smile because I probably did that once but there I was going straight home from work at 11pm. Aren't I a good girl?

I'm gonna go all shallow now and tell you about how slim I'm getting. I bought three tops last Tuesday in my staple size 16 - I don't try on, can't be arsed with that - and I got them home and guess what? That's right, too big. Fuck yes! They're from all different shops so that's good right? I changed them for smaller sizes and now look ace of course. In true mother fashion my mum is now trying to make me eat more - honestly I can do no right for that woman. Oh well.

At school I started a petition because out of the five vending machines and two cafeterias there are no Fruit Pastilles on sale - I'm getting people to sign if they think we should stock them and I'm doing pretty good. And no it isn't just because I'm the oldest year in the school now and everyone younger is scared of us - everyone needs Fruit Pastilles.

Mother just bought a new car - at last - and has been driving it round everywhere. UNTIL yesterday she realised that she didn't have any insurance and now refuses to drive until she has some - seriously she'd be fine without it, she doesn't go above 25mph at any time. My car on the other hand is very cool, I have my provisional licence now so I can drive if someone comes with me - how scary is that?!

Right now I think I should go and get some breakfast. I wish we had pop-tarts.


Stagestruckgal said...

hello! You keep rambling, its good to ramble!! Horay for the non-smoking ban! It should be enforced world-wide, in my opinion. its so nice to be able to sit in a restaurant and not have smoke floating around. also, in my opinion, they should ban it in nightclubs aswell because i always stink of smoke whenever ive been out and it really grosses me out.

As for fruit pastilles, i agree.

as for the weight loss, you go girl! if thats what you want, obviously.

as for the car, i wish i had one. i really do. youre so lucky.


Niki said...

Yeah Laura it's a good plan but I am odd and love the smell of smoke, I spent most of Barcelona hanging onto Su breathing in her smoke...


Abs said...

London, Niki, hell yes -grin-
I bloody love the smell of cigarette smoke. I still love cigarettes. They smell good...they taste even better, but damn, they make me wheeze. I'll take it up again once I'm old and on my last legs; really enjoy the decadence without the regret...
Mmmm, pop tarts, that's another hell yes. I love them. Especially the strawberry frosted ones...*drools*

Niki said...

Strawberry Frosted Pop Tarts. I think I could live on them. And cigarette smoke.

Abs said...

Mmmmm...*dreamy sigh*
And me...

Nodders said...

Well I was going to second the love of pop tart smell, but you two are moving closer and closer to tobacco pop tarts with each comment =D

Waye, Scotland have it band in every public place already :) I couldn't stand the stuff (although when smoke clings to leather, that's a different story)

Aceness on the weightlossness, and certainly for the cowes and shortsleevelackofness :)

Niki said...

Oh my god! You genius! tobacco pop tarts!