Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Self Discovery? Honesty?

Not my idea I assure you, but I thought I'd give it a crack - feel free to dispute or add your own...

I love the way that I...

like to help other people out
can make people smile
stick by what I believe no matter what
stay faithful
always keep secrets
am trustworthy
keep things neat and tidy
know how to wire a plug

I hate the way that I...

am always moaning about something
pester people constantly
am paranoid
treat myself sometimes
can be too needy
am rarely true to myself
get so easily influenced by others
let people do things I'm not happy with
have no strength when I need it
sat down to actually write this...


Nodders said...

A great majority of that second list really can be down to 'am paranoid' - like pester people constantly. So here is what to add - I hate the way that I... give myself longer hate columns than I deserve.

Niki said...

*hugs* Be kind to yourself

SuperInsignificantBoy said...

can wire plug, eh?

Niki said...

hell yes ;)