Tuesday, May 23, 2006

An Ode To Poets

This was written by a guy on a site I visit, it made me giggle - and poets around it's really not meant to offend. As I say I thought it was funny and you know what I'm like with poetry...

Cliché after cliché
And rhyming to make it breezy
Writing poetry is easy
Especially like this about feelings, not cheesy.
Keeping on writing,
About how I’m fighting,
It’s narrative, derivative and delighting
All of you, because it’s “powerful”,“Lovely”,
“I can so relate”,“Myself too I do so hate”.
Life is so black,
life is so bleak,
Knives are fun and cool and sleek;
I’m feeling so bad, so I’ll write it down,
And on my head a poetry achievement will crown.
Because I write well,
About my personal hell,
And it’s so sad,
So mad,
So beautiful, so bad,
When I write poetry about feelings and shit.

So here comes the noose,
Tighter, it will not loose,
My feelings are so sad,
So sad, so sad,
I feel so bad,
So bad, so bad.
So won’t you relate,
To these overly familiar statements of hate,
These overly sentimentalised, cliché and third rate
Poems about feelings
And shit.


SuperInsignificantBoy said...

and shit...
he he he
the last line definately makes the whole read worth it...

Niki said...

:) Welcome to the world of niki

Lolly said...


SuperInsignificantBoy said...

hey thanks...

Niki said...

Hey Lou! Thanks - made me smile too

No probs sib

Nodders said...

Tis good, but I don't think it would pass Advanced Higher English. Not sure what does actually.

Niki said...

Didn't you do AH English?
I didn't think he was trying to pass it though with all due respect...just taking the piss out of people who write poems - well me.