Monday, January 23, 2006

Ethical Ponderings

I just had a really good ethics lesson today so I thought I'd let this post masquerade as something with some substance.

Great guy, Lee, proposed a new normative theory based on how easy things were to spell. Basically we were doing utilitarianism - good is that which maximises happiness and minimises suffering - and Lee proposed that given a choice, good is that which is the easier word to spell... That just made me laugh for a while.

Staying with Lee and my teacher's unbelivably laid-back manner, today he came in dressed exactly the same as the teacher and the conversation went thus:
Lee: "Look Mr M I'm your love child!"
Mr M: "I'd say evil bastard child, spawn of satan actually Lee"
Again lots of laughing for while.

The same effect is similar with our philosophy teacher, Miss T, when we were discussing something to do with God, our friend Lee put it that anyone can be a God:
Lee: "Sure Miss but anyone can be a God in something."
Miss T: "Are you implying then Lee that you are a member of the Deity, a God of some sort?"
Lee: "Only in bed Miss T, wanna find out how omnipotent I am?"
*Miss T goes extremely red and giggles*
You'll never guess what, lots of laughing.

That's actually about all I feel like saying now, hope you're all ok.

aloha xxx

PS I haven't written anymore of the story yet, I'll let you see it in a year or five when I get round to finishing it


Lolly said...

Hahahaa, that made me laugh!

Davus said...

i wonder what it would be like to sleep with someone who was omnipotent.

Niki said...

Welcome Louise! I'm glad they made you laugh too.
I have no idea what it'd be like Davey, I'll ask his girlfriend.

Nodders said...

Hmm, was he referring to omnipotent as opposed to being impotent? So maybe they are infinitely turned on, and never need a rest... This is a bizarre little tangent we're going off on :)

Stagestruckgal said...

hmm, omnipotent vs impotent, strange. a random fact - Arthur, Henry VIII's eldest son was married and expected to perform at the age of 14, to Catherine of Aragon. Although, they never consummated the marriage, it was thought he was impotent.

I have such random information.

Nodders said...

Well the fact that he was impotent would leave it rather difficult to prove they consumated I should think. Also, let me add a 'woah there', because I thought Catherine of Aragon was one of Henry VIII's wives?!

Oh wait: royalty + incest = nothing out of the ordinary...

Niki said...

I thought Catherine of Aragon was Henry VIII's wife too though. Very bizarre tangent. Will update blog soon.

Stagestruckgal said...

yes, she was Henry VIII wife as well - his first may i add, whom he divorced. He divorced her on the grounds she wasnt faithful to him, she had slept with arthur. however, it is more likely that arthur couldnt perform, and she cut herself over the bedsheets to make it look like the consummated. however, arthur took ill and died within 6 months or something of their marriage, so the pope declared it ok for henry to marry catherine. it says in the bible or something that one man shall take his brothers wife if they are childless, henrys grounds for marrying catherine.

im gonna shut up now.

Lolly said...


*opens up Phillipa Gregory book again*

Gregory LIES? :O!!!!!!!!!!!

*louises life has no meaning anymore*

:'( She says that he divorced her because he took over authority in the church and made the pope etc declare that the marriage was void because she had been married to his borther or something....

Oh I don't know.

Oh yes, sorry, Hi :) I'm Louise, I'm slightly mad..and I'm off to join the Phillipa Gregory TRACKER!

Stagestruckgal said...

correctamondo, Louise! However, those were his grounds for divorcing catherine, so we are both correct.

Nodders said...

Henry #6 was a nob.

Nodders said...

I meant #8 ok? Was a typo... but #6 was a nob too.

Trust me on this one.