Monday, December 19, 2005

Can anyone help?

Ahhhhh, nooooooo. Ok I'll stop being dramatic, I suck at it.
Today, I suck at life, truely I do. Ugh.
I'm despairing today and I didn't know what to do, so here I am, on your doorstep, someone come and say hello?
Although it's silly, because really who on earth would want to answer their door to me? I'm not just saying that, though I realise how it sounds. I'm just having a stupid, stupid fucking day.
I apologise.
I'll update this *properly* soon.
Be safe etc


Zed0 said...

Sorry to hear you're having a crappy day Niki.
I'll finally get round to chatting on MSN soon.

Davus said...

hello. be on msn this eve, i'll try and join you and we can have a nice bitch about crappy days (they really are crap) together. hope things get better :(

Niki said...

thank you, lots. today didn't get better at all, hopefully chat to you later davey and soon ben.

Niki said...

Hey davey I came online pretty early and was here pretty much all afternoon, hence now I am almost out of battery power and being forced to leave. Which is a bitch since I wanted to chat to you today, well anyday but you know what I'm saying. So yeah, sorry, I'll hopefully catch up soon - I'm on holiday too now so loads of free time. x

Stagestruckgal said...

aww niki! sorry you were having a crap day. hope it got better!

When you're down
and lost
and you need a helping hand
when youre down
and lost along the way
just tell yourself
I'll be OK

dont suppose this helps much, but its supposed to!

keir said...

I hate that song, it is the most cheesy, least comforting song ever.good to talk on MSN Niki, if you need to talk just come on, chances are ill be on as im a big geek ;)

Nodders said...

Did Ned Flanders sing that?

=( Come give Uncle Gordo a hug... hmm, maybe not, it sounded quite wrong there. But then I think everything sounds wrong.

Wow, this comment went off on a tangent before it'd even begun...

I hope you're alright, go kick someone in the balls, it makes my brother feel better at least.

Niki said...

Thank you.
*hug* Uncle Gordo.
You are not online Keir, I'd be mad only I'm too nice :-) joking, no time to chat today.
I'll try not to kick anyone in the balls, after all, all together now everyone; 'Violence is not the answer'.
Be safe everyone.

Nodders said...

You wanna bet? Oh it so is -

"Complete the title of the recent fil starring Viggo Mortensen which implies the character was not a pacificst in the past: History Of V_______"

It's a tough'n.

Davus said...

oooh i know i know!


Stagestruckgal said...

i disagree Keir, and no, it was not ned flanders. its McFly goddammit. although im slightly scared as to why keir knows this....