Monday, May 09, 2005

Liberation Day

Today was the 60th anniversary of the end of the german occupation of Guernsey, from 1940-1945. It was a pretty big holiday for everyone but it's a day that really pisses me off, I hate how no one really gives a toss why they aren't at work. So the only logical thing to do was to write about it, here is the half-hearted attempt I came up with.

Distorted Truth

You all run around,
With your grease and sugar and beer.
No one remembers what really happened,
I'm not sure anyone cares.
Music thumps from loudspeakers,
Screams float along in the breeze,
Balloons fly into the immense blue sky,
You're all smiling.
Change the scene for a moment.
I know one who understands-
Who heard the real crashes,
He who saw the real collapse,
The one who'll never forget,
Is at home, in silence.
While you are here celebrating what he did,
What he fought for with his life,
He is trapped with images of death, crying.
You kick up a fuss when the piss-up is cancelled,
But you don't give a shit why you're drinking into oblivion,
Don't care why we're all here,
For you it's one big party.
To him it's the end of the truth.


Nodders said...

Fucking hell, get a publisher here!!

Niki said...

Jeez! Strong views? I wasn't sure about it myself but thank you very much for your appreciation! x x x