Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Not much hapenning, just felt compelled to write. Thanks for all the good lucks and stuff although exams have truly gone very badly so far.

Although i am liking study leave, utilising my new-found freedom to play music really loud and i'm liking coming and going as and when i feel like it.

Well i am now immersed also in 6th form applications and interviews and shit like that, if they base it on these mock results i'm really not gonna get far.

Anyway i'm rambling now so i'll go.

Keep living x x x


Niki said...

jeez where is everyone, are you all avoiding me?
keep living x x x

Nodders said...

Dude! I'm here!! I know, our times online must be out of whack (I'm doing that with a lot of people lately). Keep at the exams - and yeah, those study leave things are pretty awesome... shame our school doesn't do them for prelims though.

Nodders said...

Right, it's 1.23am on a school night and I've just typed your full name into google within quotation marks, and I must say I'm incredibly impressed! That poem you wrote was excellent. "Composed Standing over the Blue Mountain
Lookout". You should make a post of it Niki! It's great!

Niki said...

Gee thanks, can't quite recall that one right now but thanks!
keep living x x x

Stagestruckgal said...

well, there you go. mine doesnt come up with anything i dont think. will go check now

Niki said...

sorry gordon i forgot to thank you for visiting! glad someone was there.
spanish oral in 40mins must go, wish me luck
keep living
ps hey laura

keir said...

whoa - im here - sorry i havent commented in a while, i kinda forgot about blogs for a bit, im preocupied with school stuff. please post the poem, id really like to see it